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Session I

  1. Screening colonoscopy – David Lieberman, MD

  2. CT colonography: Are we dealing with the inevitable – Joel Brill, MD

  3. Molecular markers for colon cancer screening – Steven Itzkowitz, MD

  4. Endoscopic therapy of colorectal polyps – Douglas Rex, MD

       Cases for discussion

Session II

  1. Endoscopic management of the common neuroendocrine tumors of gut
      – Douglas Faigel, MD
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  2. Evaluation and medical management of NE tumors encountered during
       endoscopy or abdominal imaging – Lowell Anthony, MD

  3. Surgical management of neuroendocrine tumors of the gut – Richard Hodin, MD

       Cases for discussion

Session III

   1. Physicians and the law: What to do and not do when sued
        - Andrew Schlafly, JD and Christina McCracken, JD

Session IV

  1. Principles of staging of GI cancers – Axel Grothey

  2. EUS and Operator dependence – Michael Kochman

  3. Advances in Radiologic imaging of GI cancers – Elliot Fishman

  4. Advances in Nuclear Imaging – Val Lowe

       Cases for discussion

Session VI

   1. Barrett’s surveillance, chemoprevention and treatment – Prateek Sharma, MD

   2. Colon cancer surveillance and chemoprevention in patients with IBD
       – William Tremaine, MD

   3. Patients with FAP and HNPCC: Surveillance and chemoprevention for colon and
extracolonic cancers – Dennis Ahnen, MD